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Yes its ideal for your company if:

  • You have revenues from €3m to €150m.
  • You need more than €2m having already raised a series A.
  • You are thinking about raising a series B or any other round.
  • Your growing company is burning cash with a negative EBITDA.
  • Your company operates in digital or tech sectors.
  • An initial free evaluation by Pragma Capital takes 2 to 4 days.
  • It then typically takes 6 to 9 weeks to secure and complete the investment.
    • It depends on your company, its sector and projections but from €2 million up to €40 million.
  • It’s a loan repayable over 3 to 6 years.
  • There are no personal guarantees required.
  • Its flexible and can be tranched to suit your capital road map.

No, and they will all have different terms, its key to secure the best terms.

  • They all have different approaches to structuring investments.
  • They all have different internal costs of capital.
  • They have different approaches to being hands on or not.
  • They all have different capacities to provide follow-on funding if needed.

Its planning ahead to develop a strategy for raising capital which maximizes your teams ownership retention.

Below is a graphical representation

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